About OSM Canal Map

The OSM Canal map highlights canals and associated infrastructure that is included in the OpenStreetMap map database

It uses the basic map images from OpenStreetMap, and overlays images highlighting canal infrastructure.

The overlays are generated by mapnik using a postgresql database created from an OpenStreetMap Planet File using osm2pgsql.

It uses the mapnik style file canal1.xml which in turn uses dbsettings.xml.

A new layer (tiles2) has been generated which takes account of 'disused=yes' tags using the canal2.xml stylesheet.

Now using (canal3) which takes account of 'waterway = river and boat=yes' tags using the canal3.xml stylesheet.

The map is generated by the generate_tiles.py script provided by OpenStreetMap.

The command to produce the map is:
MAPNIK_MAP_FILE=canal1.xml MAPNIK_TILE_DIR=/home/disk2/www/maps/canals/tiles/ ./generate_tiles.py


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